„Carp.Fin – nature & carp fishing“, is a video-project by Maximilian Byszio (born 1987) and Luis Temple (born 1996). They met in a small german fishing club in 2009. From this moment on, they shared the same passion – Carp fishing. They started filming and came up with the idea of Carp.Fin!

Team beim Karpfenangeln


The first time that Carp.Fin got national attention was in November 2010 when they published their first video Part1 “One Night Stand” on Youtube. With assistence of the well-known german videoproject „Carpheart Tv“ and many other famous german carpanglers „Carp.Fin“ became the number one topic of conversation.

„One Night Stand“ was young, modern, creative and different. Max and Luis did not present themselves but nature and everything they saw left and right from the rod pod. That was new! They put a mark against counting weights and the reduction of carp fishing only on the presentation of the fish. They showed what really matters: The passion.

Carp.Fin satisfies with its fine feeling for pictures, editing and sound – you can feel the fascination for nature, the carp and fishing in every second. Max and Luis started early to work with Gopro’s which led to spectacular and interesting underwater shots in their videos.


Since then, Carp.Fin produced a number of impressive videos. They got better and better and surpass themselves with every new video.

They got hundreds than thousands of views and their videos have been shared on the social network Facebook. Meanwhile, there are no longer just their videos which fascinate people. With high quality pictures and reports ( online and print media ) Max and Luis enrich the german carp scene.

In Germany the name „Carp.Fin“ is a term. But slowly „Carp.Fin“ become a topic of conversation in other countries. Since the beginning of 2014 „Carp.Fin“ joined the international platform „Carpcrossing“.

In the beginning of 2013 carpfin started producing their first DVD (Moments Of Adrenaline). It took two years to finish the film which is supported by the companies Daiwa / Cormoran, Korda , Scale, Carpspot, CBB as well as the platform Carpcrossing. The Film will hopefully be released in winter 2014/15. You can be sure that this film will set new standards.



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