“Moments Of Adrenaline” is now available with english and dutch subtitles. Moreover we spend time and money to record an english voiceover! Our english webshop is not finished yet. Nevertheless you can order our DVD! Send us a mail to



Join Maximilian Byszio and Luis Tempel (aka Carp.Fin) on their adventure, fishing beautiful, pristine waters with largely unexplored shores. Enjoy breath-taking above and underwater footage and experience huge carp accompanied by first-hand educational expertise.
Great attention to detail makes this DVD unique: Contemplate and relish the otherwise secluded indigenous wildlife brought to life at home in your living room.
Be part of the action: From nature`s beauty and tranquillity, way beyond civilisation, to the “MOMENTS OF ADRENALINE”. Two years of spectacular footage, shot day and night, makes this masterpiece a unique fishing adventure that you will watch more than once.

Sorry, our DVD is currently sold out.

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