Carp Zwolle 2015

That was a precision landing. “Moments Of Adrenaline” had to be in the press shop before Friday 23. Jan 1 o’clock to be ready in time for Zwolle. Wednesday evening: There is still the total escalation. Thursday night: It’s midnight and it’s done. The film is finished! We had to test it on several different DVD players. It ran smoothly and looked awesome! After a short night , Max was on the way to the press shop on friday morning. He arrived shortly before one o’clock. A short time later, he gave our baby out of his hands !

“Wow ! Guys … It is finished!” So we can now announce that we will have the film with us in Zwolle. You can find us on both days at the stand of CBB Carpbaits Belgium. For those who do not come to Zwolle, there is the possibility to order the film here on our website.

Hope to see you guys in Zwolle :)



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